Dr. David Dow, DC, LAC

Dr. David Dow, DC, LAC


Dr. Dow’s mission is to help as many people reach their full health potential as possible in Madison. He specializes in natural health and life extension using various evidence-based and holistic methods.

He graduated from the prestigious Northwestern Health Sciences University pursuing a Doctorate in Chiropractic with subspecialties in Acupuncture and Spinal Rehabilitation.

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He was originally pursuing a finance degree at Arizona State University when it became clear that back pain from a fractured pelvis at 7 years of age, upper back pain with associated heartburn from a trampoline accident at 14 years of age, and lower back pain from a spina bifida occulta birth defect and aggravated by numerous cumulative head, neck, and back, training injuries, led him to chiropractic and acupuncture. It was clear that the cause of the pain had to be addressed and his mission became clear. He vowed to learn everything he could about the human body so he too could help others that were in pain. After he finished his Doctorate in Chiropractic Degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University he began commuting to the Midwest College of Acupuncture in the evenings and on weekends for three and a half more years to study and finish his Certificate of Mastery in Acupuncture. He was heavily involved in the various technique clubs and continued to study martial arts.

After his residency, he completed hundreds of hours of post-graduate education in pain management and rehabilitation. This focuses on the evaluation and treatment for various nerve, muscle and joint injuries to different body parts from automotive accidents to sports injuries. While treating his patients, he noticed significant differences in healing times for some of his patients. The patients with better posture, balance and coordination recovered a lot quicker and the other ones healed very slowly, if at all. At that point, Dr. Dow realized that in order to truly treat and correct his patient’s problems, he would have to focus on the patient’s posture. He soon realized that most of these slower to heal patients had a past injury of a head or neck injury. Whiplash, falls, sports injuries and work that lead to long days with spinal fatigue was leading to brain stem injuries and a multitude of symptoms including a four times increase risk of joint problems throughout the body and especially the spine. He began to treat the entire patient and not just the pain. This is when he started studying corrective chiropractic.

Corrective Chiropractic is a branch of chiropractic that deals with correcting the true cause of health problems instead of providing a pill to just cover up the symptom. This is used to slow the aging process and correct posture, improve balance and coordination and keep the pressure off of nerves in the body. When your postural muscles fatigue the bones protecting the nerves can slip out of place. The better your posture and joint coordination the longer those bones stay in place throughout the day. Our goal is to keep the pressure off of the nerves 90% of the time rather than having the pressure on the nerves 90% of the time. Keeping the pressure off of the nerves allows your body to truly heal and that is when miracles happen. Conditions such as chronic fatigue, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and many other chronic diseases can finally heal. These diseases are very complex and often intermingled with various symptoms.

Teaching his patients how to manage their own health is of the utmost importance, but Dr. Dow soon realized that too many people are sick in this country and the only way to reach the masses is by giving lectures and writing a book.

So he did, he joined the international non-profit group the Wellness Champions and he started out by teaching at the community level and is also teaching at the college level (Northwestern Health Sciences University) as Dow Regenerative Wellness is an accepted T10 preceptorship program and he mentors new chiropractors as they begin their journey. He teaches various classes in the Madison, from basic health to regenerative medicine, from foot pain/numbness to a proper diet. He enjoys them all.

He has also is just finishing writing his first book as well. “The Hitchhikers Guide to Wellness” about how to use regenerative medicine and a healthy lifestyle to achieve your highest quality of life and longevity.

Dr. Dow is married to his wonderful wife, Celeste, and has two teenage daughters Rhiannon and Rowan. He enjoys hiking, running, playing most sports and reading a good book. Although he lived 15 years in Arizona state, he enjoys the seasons in Madison particularly the spring and fall. Celeste is from the Philippines and they love to visit family there a couple of times a year.